Growing mushrooms at home is one of the ways you can start to get a bit of food self-sufficiency. It is very cheap to try it out and doesn’t require much space at all but it can be gradually expanded so that you are growing a wide range of mushrooms, or one type of mushroom on a large scale.

How To Get Started Growing Mushrooms At Home (From EASY to HARD)

Where to begin?
The easiest way to give growing mushrooms a try is to buy a kit. There are a few different varieties of mushrooms that can be grown with the various kits, but they all contain a block of spawned compost/fruiting block (this has the mushroom culture inside of it) which is where the mushrooms grow from. These kits cost around £10 - £15 and contain everything you need to get started. You should also get a spray bottle as well so that you can keep the mushrooms moist.

Here are a couple of UK websites to buy the kits from:

Mushrooms like to grow in a humid and moist environment however if you don’t have this then you might run into problems. One way to get around this is to make a fruiting chamber. This is basically a clear plastic storage box with a lid that has holes drilled all around it and then the bottom is filled with perlite which has been soaked in water. The video below is a great guide on how to use a kit, as well as making your own fruiting chamber.

Grow Mushrooms In Just 8 DAYS! Mushroom Growing Kit Review (anyone can do this at home...)

What next?
Once you have gotten the hang of growing mushrooms from kits, the next way to upgrade is to grow mushrooms from a pre-made spawn. Just like with the kit's fruiting block, the mushroom culture is on the grain, plugs, sawdust etc. which can be used to grow mushrooms in a variety of different ways and can result in a higher yield than with kits. Bags of pre-made spawn vary in price depending upon type of mushroom and the size of the bags, but cost around £3 - £18.

Here are a few UK websites to buy the pre-made spawn from:

Mushroom spawn self-sufficiency
The ultimate way to grow mushrooms is to grow your own mushroom culture and use it to make your own spawn. This will allow you to be more self-sufficient in terms of growing mushrooms as you don’t have to rely on other people for your mushroom spawn; however it will require some specialist equipment and a lot more space.

Useful YouTube channels:
FreshCap Mushrooms