For centuries lead was used as roofing. This provided both a practical way to make a roof watertight but it also provided a beautiful element. This will be a slightly different overview to usual because we’re going to explore the beauty of this dull-grey metal.

It is used in many places to add a decorative element to the building:

Here is an example of it being used as a Rainwater Hopper and downspout. If you compare this to the boring plastic guttering that adorns most modern housing you can immediately see the difference.

This is the sort of thing craftsmen who care about their work can produce. There is zero reason for something as simple as a Hopper to be this ornate. It was commissioned because the person who owned the building cared enough to want every aspect of it to be as beautiful as possible, even the parts you cannot normally see:

(Townhall Buildings The Borough Farnham Surrey)

In our opinion, this is what it means to be a craftsmen. To create high quality work that will stand the test of time. To produce something where efficiency is secondary to beauty even when there is no direct benefit to creating it.

Just because something is unseen to the general public doesn’t mean it should be produced in a soulless fashion. That isn’t the sort of attitude that built civilisations which stood the test of time nor should it be one we go forward with.

For a technical view on Lead Welding, please visit the following link: