Why we advocate for homeschooling

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Why we advocate for homeschooling

The state of the world has changed drastically since the start of 2020. The government’s response to Covid-19 has forced us to change many aspects of our daily lives, and while some of these changes were negative, many of them were very positive.

The prime positive aspect of this is how it has forced numerous people to change their lifestyle. Be it following through on fitness goals, spending more time with their family, learning new skills, planting a garden or simply having family meals around the dining table. Many people have fundamentally changed at least one key aspect of their life, and countless others have made wholesale changes.

However, the facet we are focusing on in this article is home schooling.

There are a great number of reasons to teach your child at home, chief among them is you get to instil your own values into your children. When you send your child to school, you have to recognise that you are expecting somebody else to raise them with morals and standards of behaviour as well as mathematical, geographic, linguistic and knowledge of other school subjects.

By sending your child to school you are asking a stranger you're expected to trust due only to their position of authority. In no other aspect of our lives would we consider this reasonable, but over generations it has become the default way to raise children.

We have had people, some of whom have a less than pure motivation, raise our children for generations. Is it any wonder that our universities have become a breeding ground for the far left?

Lockdown, as a response to Covid-19 has changed many peoples opinion around educating their child. Many parents may way to do it simply out of a desire to spend more time with their children, many others have discovered the sort of things their children are being taught and it has disgusted them.

A well-known example of this is the mandatory “sexual education” lessons that have been brought into the UK education system. The sort of people who influence these curriculums are the sort of people who ask questions such as the one below during their so-called “research”:

“At what cost do we deny children’s and teacher’s sexuality? What do we lose if desire and pleasure are banned from the classroom? What is the place of the research team members’ own bodies, desires and pleasures in this research?” (source

Many parents have also seen first-hand the amount of guilt they shoehorn into our children’s curriculum as a result of the lockdown forcing most schools to conduct online learning classes. The sly ways in which they do it, portraying characters in fictional stories in certain ways as well as portraying historical events, are insidious.

Spend more time with your children

Another reason we advocate for home schooling so strongly is very simple: you get to spend time with your children and keep them safe.

Who knows what is coming around the corner. In July 2019, nobody thought there would be a global pandemic in 2020. Very rarely do we ever see what is coming in the future, and every second with our family is precious. 

The lockdown has given many of us a taste of what our grandparents used to take for granted. We believe the West has been longing to return to a more natural lifestyle for decades now, which explains the rise in “retro” houseware and other trends.

The biggest obstacle to home education is fear, and for many of us, the fear of failing our children can convince us that our children will be okay if we allow the current status quo to continue.  This is simply untrue, as found in a study from the USA below: 

"Studies have shown that students who are homeschooled tend to perform better academically overall than public school students. When it comes to standardized testing, homeschooled students tend to score 15 to 30 percentage points higher than public school students. An interesting finding is that homeschooled students tend to perform better than public school students whether their teaching parent is a certified teacher or not. Homeschooling seems to produce students who are smarter and more mature than their public school counterparts." (source)

Our children have already been affected by the guilt and shame pushed on them in the name of equality.  Forced to denounce their own special and unique identity because of the actions of people they’ve never met, or face ostracization from peers and teachers, our children are being used, emotionally abused, and, in some cases, physically harmed by those who simply hate us and our ancestry.  For the sake of our children, our most precious gift, we must take them away from those who would do them harm. Our children will be happier, healthier and more confident learning at home, and with so many resources available, there is no better moral guidance for our children, than their parents.

We have compiled a list of resources to help get you started on your home schooling journey. If you are thinking about taking your children out of school, or know somebody who is, please make use of it. We have spent time gathering the information so you don’t have to.

White Rose and Thorn Homeschooling Resources: (Click Here)