What the White Roses and Thorns stand for

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What the White Roses and Thorns stand for

We are a pro-native British organisation who want to rebuild our communities. Our communities have been ravaged over the decades yet this destruction largely gets ignored by our government and media. Our focus is firmly on our own people.

We’ve been under a ceaseless media barrage where we are reminded daily of our so-called “privilege” yet many of us are struggling. We have been atomised, stripped of our community and told we should be grateful for it all.

Our communities are struggling while everybody else, seemingly, gets preferential treatment from the establishment. They want us to talk about our “mental health”, but as soon as we come together as a community to voice our concerns they shut us down viciously.

To list a few problems we face:

  • The relationship between men and women is at an all-time low.
  • Degeneracy is everywhere but places for decency without mockery are few and far between.

Our history is getting chipped away and replaced.

Over the coming weeks and months we are going to publish more details on what we believe in and our upcoming events.

We want to improve the world around us, not by demanding others change to satisfy us (unlike some) but by taking it upon ourselves to improve our lives and communities.

Because of the hate speech laws and absurd standards that only we are held to, it has taken three hours to write these few paragraphs without including anything that could be considered offensive. That’s the world we live in.