The Share Your Skills campaign has been launched

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The Share Your Skills campaign has been launched

A major component of any thriving community is trade and commerce. Civilisation rose off the back of humble craftsmen who paved the way for growth, wealth, artistic excellence and the beautification of our country.

As a community, we need to get back to basics. There’s nothing wrong with content creators and organisations getting tee-shirts and mugs printed with their logo on them, but that isn’t a solid foundation for future prosperity.

We have craftsmen; builders, plumbers, book-keepers, mechanics, carpenters and the likes within our movement, but nobody knows who they are yet. Promoting ourselves and each other is the key to success for all of us, and our families.

The Share Your Skills campaign is about connecting our people and creating constructive wealth among us. We want to connect people who need skills with people who have them. Homeowners who need a plumber, parents who need shoes for their children, kitchen fitters who need an accountant etc.

We need to start buying goods and services from ourselves. We can’t keep buying from international companies then complaining when a friend or family member loses their job at a local firm. Equally, we can’t all turn to becoming artists, jewelry makers or streamers relying on donations.

We have people with in demand skills in this movement, as well as small business owners who can employ skilled and unskilled labour. Community will start bringing our people together. It starts with us. Each and every one of us. The time to talk only is over, the time to act in our own best interests in now. By supporting small businesses, you are creating jobs, wealth and security for the next generation. We are a community, and community spirit is what we need.

We can start by advertising our skills on the forums (link here), and by requesting those we need. We have everything we need to thrive, we just need to connect with each other. Nothing will change unless we change it. Let’s make that change, now.

Update: As of the 26th of August 2020, we have added a business directory to the website as well as the forum, which you can find here: (Click here)