Mid-July update for the community

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Mid-July update for the community

We have a number of new resources available under the resources tab. So far we have covered Homeschooling as well as created a few leaflets and posters that you can download, print and share.

Very shortly we plan to have fully printed leaflets available for purchase. These will be the glossy leaflets you find in museums, country homes, doctors offices etc. The leaflets and their content form a strong component of what we are about, branching out of the online sphere and getting into real life community building.

We are seeking additional writers for our newsletter which will focus on general news from us, as well as interesting features for those of us trying to do our best for our families and community.

In addition, we will be launching a magazine – which will feature cultural, historical and traditional practices, skills, places of interest to visit, and lifestyle skills and tips. The magazine will be full of quality content for you and your family to share and discuss.

We want to get both of these into physical print as quickly as possible, because it’s easier to show someone a physical object than ask them to check a link online. You can show this content to your friends and family when they visit, or just leave it laying out while you’re making dinner or a drink, for example.

  • The Newsletter will highlight an article in the magazine as well as cover general news from us
  • The Magazine will focus on our culture and family matters.

To ensure you never miss our regular updates regarding resources and all future events and planning, please register with the website so that we can add you to our Newsletter.

You can get involved with us via the Contact Us page or you can Email us at info@whiteroseandthorn.com