Metal Casting Overview

Credit: YT eddie2799

Metal Casting Overview

If you think of metal casting, you probably think of massive vats of molton metal that Arnold Schwarzenegger lowered himself into at the end of Terminator 2, but there are many more reasons to take up Casting. One of which is the versaility of it. Unlike a lot of other crafts where you are typically working directly with the public, Casting provides the ability to work directly with other craftsmen on a project. 

For example. Carpenters often use metal legs and inserts on their finished pieces and you could be the one providing them with custom metal parts. Depending on the products other craftsmen produce, you could do batch orders where you cast multiple of the same item or you could focus on bespoke orders. Other craftsmen are not your only customers though, as members of the public could also request bespoke ironworks directly from you. 

Historically we have used cast iron and bronze to produce items we know are going to undergo heavy use and over the years regions have built up a traditional style for that area. By taking up Metal Casting, or any other craft, you are continuing the tradition of local crafts developing their own local styles. 

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