Community Restoration Plan

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Community Restoration Plan

It is noticable that our communities are becoming less familial, less safe, and less harmonious, and despite the best efforts of good people, nothing of structure has been put in place to combat this, until now.

Introducing the Community Ward System one street at a time will enable us to take back control, and responsibility, for making our streets, towns and cities, safer places for us and our families.  

We have, without any choice, imported an upturn in violent crime, rape, assault and varying degrees of social disharmony that affect each and every one of us.  With a decline of pride in our people, follows a decline in pride in our local communities, cities, and nations.

It's time we addressed these problems and gave our people a sense of purpose and pride once again.

Below you will find the link to a detailed document, outlining the system, it's goals, and process.  

Link Here