Why we exist

Society is struggling with the following problems:

  • Families separated and displaced. Rising housing costs have led to the number of first time buyers falling sharply and with rent too expensive for many households to live comfortably among their local community, they are forced to leave safety and family behind.
  • Lack of pride in our homes, standards, dress and behaviour resulting in demoralisation, apathy and neglect in many of our communities.  
  • Lack of trust within our communities.  This is one of the factors that leads to isolation and loneliness because people are less willing to socialise with neighbours when they have no shared history, traditions or bonds to the country.

The Solution:

Our solution is simple: We seek to reinstate our community.

We aim to rebuild all that we have lost.  Our communities have been destroy by decades of neglect and disinterest in the values of the historical communities that have always been here, and it is our children who are now paying the price.  

In order to achieve this, we have set up a ward system.  Each street is a ward and each ward is managed by a Warden.  The role of each warden is to place value, once again, on those things that matter most to us.  Our prosperity, safety, national bonds of shared traditions and connection with the land of our ancestors.

We are now hosting regular seminars on vocational and social skills as well as the Industry Overviews found on the forum. Please contact us for more information.

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