Thorns Values and Direction

What we are about:

  • Creating well rounded men of good character worthy of our ancestors
  • Promoting our natural, deep rooted values and ethics
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle and outlook on the world
  • Self-improvement and willingness to accept constructive criticism

What we are not:

  • Tolerant of harmful attitudes perpetuated by poor behaviour
  • Judgmental of past behaviour

What we expect from you:

  • To treat our women with respect and grace; things are hard for them as well, of course, but we need to be the leaders they deserve
  • To be more mature in your dealings with our women. They are the backbone of our people and have been directly targeted by those who wish to destroy us. Just as we need to restore ourselves, they need to do the same and you should keep that in mind
  • To represent your family and people at all times. Your behaviour should reflect the very best you can be
  • To extoll the virtues of integrity at all times
  • To take personal responsibility for your own successes or failures, and hold yourself to account
  • To hold each other accountable
  • To be men of honour. We are a high trust culture and this is dependent on good men displaying fortitude and honesty

What we do not tolerate:

  • Improper behaviour, including:
    • Drugs
    • Sexual deviance
  • Unhealthy attitudes towards ourselves and our women
  • Any other form of negative behaviour that divides or harms our community and could be mirrored by our brothers and sons

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