Our Values

The White Rose and Thorn is a Localist organisation.

  • We believe in individual freedom and strong communities focused on local issues.
  • Supporting our people’s entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging people to make things and to buy from within our wider community.
  • As an organisation, the WRT does not endorse, and will not affiliate with any political or religious organisation. Individual members are free to support who they wish but people who hold positions within the WRT are not.

We have been abandoned by our politicians for years. It’s time to try something different where we, as individuals, drive the change we want to see in the world.

Our solution is simple: We seek to reinstate our community by inspiring individuals to take up crafts and empowering them to take control of their own future once again.

We aim to rebuild all that we have lost.  Our communities have been destroy by decades of neglect and disinterest in the values of the historical communities that have always been here, and it is our children who are now paying the price.  

In order to achieve this, we have started creating "Industry Overview Guides". These are short documents designed to give you a quick overview of various crafts and they all include links to materials and equipment as well as some links to videos for more detail. 

On top of this, we also provide a large PDF to give you ideas of self-employment opportunities: Income Opportunities

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